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Get Chrissy Barnacle's EPs →

actual magical fairy from the mystical forest of perfection

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True, I once said, I was better off just being dead
But I didn’t know you yet

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Chrissy Barnacle! 

She’s the best! 

bandcamp here

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Today’s band is

*drum roll*


(warning: video contains a lot of rapidly flashing colours and images)

Psychedelic experiment noise-synth-pop? who even knows what these guys do? Whatever you call them, this duo from Austin released one of my favourite albums of last year. The music is interesting, catchy, and energetic.

The song in the video is Zut Alors, and is one of my highlights from the album along with “We All Die Young” and “This Is The Way It Goes”

At $6.99 over on their bandcamp page, this album is definitely worth checking out.

<bandcamp link>

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Bandcamp Find of the day (or of the week, or of the random unspecified interval at which these posts occur)

Today’s Artist is Too Many Zooz

They are a catchy-experimental-brass-dance band or something along those lines.

Whatever you want to call them, their music is very enjoyable and the above link takes you to where you can buy their album for only $5

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dads are a great band

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Valentine’s playlist! This on repeat with the following thrown in a couple of times:

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current favourite singer: Kimbra!

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American Radass (this is important), by Dads →

this album is great

first listen and already hooked on the sound and lyrics

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this fucking song

Why do I wake up late just to stay up late and feel lousy? If that’s the thing, if that’s everything, why can’t I stop? Another empty hearted notion gone to shit, but it belongs in shit

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Saw this band support TTNG.

They’re pretty fuckin’ cool.

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